Social Media: Does Your Business Show You Care?

social media, six sigma focus

More and more, savvy organizations understand that Social Media is crucial to customer relationships. Research shows us that organizations that adopt social customer service programs soared from 12% in 2010 to 62% in 2015. That is an amazing growth rate and it clearly demonstrates the understanding of the need for social expansion. The problem is, how are those social platforms being incorporated into an overall customer service program? Many organizations are willing to jump into the social customer arena, but seriously miss the mark when implementing social programs appropriately. When social customer service programs are not properly implemented, the service can actually alienate and drive away customers.

Are You Socially Acceptable?

This is the question leaders must honestly answer if they want to get a social customer service presence well established. Many organizations establish their social media presence, but their responses to customers social media engagements are either delayed or missed. The same organizations hire Social Media Managers that lack strong understandings of how social customer care should be implemented. They have the engrained belief from their teenage years that social media for business is conducted in the same manner and they engaged on social media when they were 16. Some leaders are even open to taking social media clues from teenage relatives. These weaknesses are the kiss of death for effective social customer engagement. Organizations with a best-in-class social customer service program enjoy significantly higher customer retention and satisfaction rates. Customers know they care and have confidence that the organization will exceed all of their service expectations.

Aligning Social Skills with Six Sigma

Today’s customer is more digitally engaged than ever before. They will actively seek out engagement with your organization on a social platform and they will expect exceptional service. Just like in a brick-and-mortar environment, you have a brief opportunity to gain their trust and loyalty. To ensure the highest levels of social engagement with your customers, your Lean Six Sigma principles and practices should be applied with the same energy and focus. Understanding and applying the principles of VoC and other quality initiative will ensure your Social Customer Service platforms are fully integrated and operating in the most effective manner possible.