3 Important Roles Of A Yellow Belt

3 Important Roles Of A Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology designed for business and process improvement. A bunch of supremely motivated professionals carefully handles it, who at every step ensure its smooth running. This methodology is a ladder towards success and its steps are short-term targets to achieve the ultimate goal. Climbing this ladder of process improvement is critical for professionals practicing Lean Six Sigma.

These prudent professionals play a pivotal role and are the main players of a Six Sigma project. These highly efficient individuals have undergone Six Sigma training and hold positions such as Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belts.

All these belts hold unique responsibilities, yet all are connected to business improvement. For a successful implementation, Yellow Belts demonstrate their knowledge with effectiveness.

Importance of a Yellow Belt

Let’s find out the importance of a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma implementation:

  1. A Yellow Belt is familiar enough with the basics of Six Sigma and its entire terminology. After training, they begin practicing the methodology in their daily tasks to diminish process waste. Their responsibility is to perform Six Sigma projects lead by Green Belts and work with them to bring a project its success.
  2. Yellow Belts advance themselves in the PDCA method of Six Sigma. The term PDCA stands for ‘Plan, Do, Check and Act’ and is a common method in the Six Sigma environment. Yellow Belts use PDCA to figure out the functioning of certain projects.
  3. Many Yellow Belts fail to consider a crucial responsibility, which is to educate other employees who do not have any Six Sigma training. This ensures other employees’ contribution to a Six Sigma project.

Many companies prefer their employees to take up Yellow Belt training as it is not possible for every professional to be a Green Belt or a Black Belt. Having Six Sigma practitioners in your team ensures a healthy Six Sigma environment at your workplace.


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