What Makes a Good Leader in Modern Times?


Times have changed. The leaders of yesterday are not leaders that can survive in today’s leadership environment. Current leaders need to have certain qualities if they are to succeed in modern times. Here are some of the important ones.


These days, change happens at a fast pace, largely due to technology. A modern leader needs to be adaptable now more than ever to the ever-evolving business landscape to be an effective leader.


For leaders to do their job effectively, they need to lead with honesty and integrity. Without these things, it can be extremely difficult to forge real bonds with their teams. There just wouldn’t be any credibility in their interactions.


Leaders need to be able to picture what needs to be achieved and how it can be achieved. Then they should communicate the vision to the rest of the team and making sure everyone understands it.


Leaders need to be exceptional motivators to bring the best out of people and make them feel good about what they do. These days, people are less responsive to orders being barked at them.


A leader who is not an optimist can kill everyone’s motivation. A leader needs to envision better outcomes and motivate everyone to work towards making those outcomes a reality. 


Compassionate leaders aren’t quick to reprimand underperformers. Rather, they approach the situation from a humanistic point of view, showing compassion through understanding and willingness to help. 

Technologically savvy

Modern leaders should adopt and integrate the latest technology to enhance both employee and customer satisfaction. If not, they risk holding everyone back.

Culturally sensitive

Modern leaders should be aware of cultural differences to find out what works and what doesn’t in a particular cultural setting.

Continuous improver

Leaders need to spot opportunities for performance improvement. On top of that, they need to instil a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.


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