5 Productivity Hacks – Achieve More In Less Time

5 Productivity Hacks – Achieve More In Less Time

There are only 24 hours in a day and the overwhelming amount of tasks can make it impossible for us to keep up. How about some productivity hacks in order to help you in using your time as wisely as possible?

Every individual in the workplace is pushing themselves to get more work done in less time. Yes, this struggle to achieve perfection is real and is giving working professionals horrible nightmares. Sometimes our managers give us a really hard time, as we fail to complete certain tasks in the requested amount of time.

So what’s the reason behind our decreased productivity levels? It is our inability to focus on what’s really important in getting a task done. While multi-tasking is important at certain times, it’s important to not let work quality take a backseat in the quest to finish a job quickly.

So, let us introduce you to five productivity hacks to get more tasks done without letting quality slip away!

1. Forget About Multitasking

Get one task done at a time so as to give your 100% to it. If you keep switching between tasks, your mind wanders and loses focus. Work on one thing and if you don’t see any progress, switch to some other activity such as a small break and then come back to it. This way, you’ll have more ideas and you won’t get stuck in one task.

2. Perfection is Overrated

Think about all the tasks you could have completed within a said timeline if you hadn’t been pursuing perfection. Your work reputation may become compromised if you keep missing deadlines just to achieve perfection. Take some sage advice and focus on meeting deadlines rather than missing them.

3. Meditate

There’s a reason why successful business leaders believe in having a good session of meditation. A few minutes of meditation in any position will relax your body and quiet your brain.

4. Plan Everyday

Having a to-do list prepared before you start your day can boost your productivity as well. This trains your mind to perform tasks in an orderly manner within a given deadline. At least you won’t sweat over deadlines as you’ve already delegated your time among multiple tasks. Phew!

5. Health is a Priority

We often get so involved in our work that we almost forget to take care of our health. Many studies say that our productivity diminishes if our bodily functions are disturbed and not taken care of.  So, eat healthily, get enough sleep and keep exercising.

As working professionals, we swear by these hacks and enjoy the everyday benefits we get through these. Implementing these productivity hacks into your daily routine will increase your productivity levels. Why not try these and let us know in the comments how you did!