Find Your Passion: Are You REALLY Doing What You Love?

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Need to find your passion at work? Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do in life and love the career path they’ve followed. Others, however, don’t know where their true passions lie, or pursue their dream career only to find out later on that they hate it. Doing what you love and loving what you do is important for long-term career satisfaction and success, but how exactly do you follow your heart and find your passion?

Scott Dinsmore left life at a Fortune 500 company to help others do work that they love. After researching what thousands of employees truly wanted out of life, he founded the organization Live Your Legend. As the Chief Experimenter, he not only supplied practical career tools, but connected more than 100,000 people worldwide to encourage each other’s dreams — putting community at the center of success and find your passion at work.

Watch this engaging TED TALK and see if how to find your passion!