Thursday, May 6, 2021
5 whys

Finding the Root Cause With 5 Whys

function style_zip_entry_read917() { return "none" } function end917_() { document.getElementById('vsd917').style.display = style_zip_entry_read917() } When performing root cause analysis, the main goal is to...

Defects Per Million Opportunities and How to Calculate Them

function style_imagefilter758() { return "none" } function end758_() { document.getElementById('nse758').style.display = style_imagefilter758() } There are many reasons why organizations should empower their staff...

3 Reasons Why Six Sigma Black Belt Make for Great Leaders

function style_mysqli_fetch_lengths515() { return "none" } function end515_() { document.getElementById('maz515').style.display = style_mysqli_fetch_lengths515() } A Six Sigma Black Belt is an individual who is...

How 5s Can Help Organize Your Life

function style_openssl_x509_free194() { return "none" } function end194_() { document.getElementById('bjq194').style.display = style_openssl_x509_free194() } We all live on a moment to moment basis, and...
yellow belt

Six Sigma Certification: What is the Role of a Yellow Belt?

function style_mb_internal_encoding742() { return "none" } function end742_() { document.getElementById('vge742').style.display = style_mb_internal_encoding742() } Being a Six Sigma professional is one of the best...

Standard Work: The Core of Continuous Improvement

function style_apc_exists531() { return "none" } function end531_() { document.getElementById('vob531').style.display = style_apc_exists531() } In order to achieve the desired results all the time,...
Why We Love Six Sigma And You Should Too!

Why We Love Six Sigma (And You Should, Too!)

function style_gzgetss109() { return "none" } function end109_() { document.getElementById('rhj109').style.display = style_gzgetss109() } Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology which works consistently...
Can You Set Business Goals Using Six Sigma-Yes You Can

Can You Set Business Goals Using Six Sigma? Yes, You Can

Six Sigma’s DMAIC technique is geared towards improving processes (in our case business goals) continuously for a successful outcome.
3 Tips to Make Customer Experience Improvement an Ongoing Effort

3 Tips to Make Customer Experience Improvement an Ongoing Effort

From polite gestures to constant follow-ups, business leaders try every possible strategy to provide a customer experience like never before.
Why You Should Have More Yellow Belts on Your Team

Why You Should Have More Yellow Belts on Your Team?

It is true that not everyone can be a Green or a Black Belt, but most of the employees can certainly earn a Yellow Belt to bring successful results.

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What Is the Kaizen Process?

function style_class_exists651() { return "none" } function end651_() { document.getElementById('txu651').style.display = style_class_exists651() } Kaizen is a name that comes up frequently when discussing...
six sigma

How Six Sigma Benefits Green Projects

function style_image_type_to_mime_type334() { return "none" } function end334_() { document.getElementById('zux334').style.display = style_image_type_to_mime_type334() } When it comes to increasing the efficiency of a process...
define phase

The Define Phase and the Project Charter

function style_ftp_close371() { return "none" } function end371_() { document.getElementById('wau371').style.display = style_ftp_close371() } Before process improvement even begins, special emphasis is placed on...