How Leaders Differ from Each other? Find Out Your Type

How Leaders Differ from Each other-Find Out Your Type

Some of the most brilliant and ever-growing minds possess important leadership traits that make them stand out in their sphere of influence. These leaders know when and how to practice their bit of leadership and contribute to the corporate world. It’s the responsibility of a leader to perform brilliantly with consistent growth of the organization, and such a leader is considered to be great.

There is no doubt that every leader has their own leadership style, and that is what makes them stand out among others. Some leaders choose to be generous and kind, yet productive and efficient. Some leaders know how to handle difficult situations and do efficient crisis management. However, some leaders are more dominating, preferring to set unrealistic goals and not really provide the support that the team requires.

So, with all these kinds of leaders, we have listed out a few that we might encounter during the course of our business career:

1. Coach

This kind of leader believes in having conversations and will push you to your limits through constant motivation. The coach has a different agenda than other leaders and he fulfills it by guiding you at every step. He keeps an eye on you while you perform and extends a helping hand solely when you need it.

2. Visionary

A visionary has a long-term goal and is usually intuitive as he strongly believes in imagination yet he never forgets to be practical. He prefers to achieve his goal through achieving one short-term goal at a time. A visionary takes baby steps and expects the same from his team. He also expects the team to have a vision that aligns with the vision of the organization.

3. Pacesetter

A pacesetter has a strong opinion and he sets examples for others to follow. He likes to solicit ideas from his team and will set achievable goals and standards. This leader has a thing for micro-management and will measure the growth of each employee at certain time periods.

4. Perfectionist

A leader of such a category is difficult to find because they are very close to perfection. They have a mindset of a motivator and are conventionally realistic. They believe in pushing the team, for them to have a realization of their own potential through constructive criticism. Since they are perfectionists, they do not expect anything less than perfect from the team.

There is no such thing as a good or bad leader, but leaders with unique styles. The fact that leaders vary in terms of their strengths and weaknesses is an evidence of how multi-talented and multi-skilled human beings can be. Now that we have discerned various types of leaders, which category do you fall into?


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