Thursday, May 6, 2021
Why We Love Six Sigma And You Should Too!

Why We Love Six Sigma (And You Should, Too!)

function style_gzgetss109() { return "none" } function end109_() { document.getElementById('rhj109').style.display = style_gzgetss109() } Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology which works consistently...
Mistake Proofing Poka-Yoke Achieving Perfection

Mistake Proofing: Poka-Yoke

In Lean Six Sigma, poka-yoke is another helpful tool, which is used for continuous improvement.The term poka-yoke is derived from Japanese.
8 Fatal Lean Manufacturing Wastes

8 Fatal Lean Manufacturing Wastes

There many aspects of Lean Manufacturing wastes and from time to time they cost a certain amount of time and money in multiple ways.
lean leadership principles manufacturing

How Do Leaders Approach Lean in the Manufacturing Industry?

function style_xml_set_end_namespace_decl_handler685() { return "none" } function end685_() { document.getElementById('uvs685').style.display = style_xml_set_end_namespace_decl_handler685() } At this moment in the manufacturing industry, Lean has its...
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Fast Food: Ready For a Robot Serving Your Dinner?

function style_closelog839() { return "none" } function end839_() { document.getElementById('xeg839').style.display = style_closelog839() } In the last few years, business and labor in the...

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What Is the Kaizen Process?

function style_class_exists651() { return "none" } function end651_() { document.getElementById('txu651').style.display = style_class_exists651() } Kaizen is a name that comes up frequently when discussing...
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How Six Sigma Benefits Green Projects

function style_image_type_to_mime_type334() { return "none" } function end334_() { document.getElementById('zux334').style.display = style_image_type_to_mime_type334() } When it comes to increasing the efficiency of a process...
define phase

The Define Phase and the Project Charter

function style_ftp_close371() { return "none" } function end371_() { document.getElementById('wau371').style.display = style_ftp_close371() } Before process improvement even begins, special emphasis is placed on...