Is Micromanagement Ruining Your Workplace Culture?

Is Micromanagement Ruining Your Workplace Culture

Employees suffer a great deal of pain if they have to work with a boss who believes in micromanagement. This makes it difficult for an employee to focus on and hinders their productivity. Micromanagement is an excessive involvement of a manager when the team is engaged and fully capable of carrying out a critical project successfully. This extra amount of attention infuriates many employees, eventually resulting in their loss of focus.

There’s a thin line between a macromanager and a micromanager, which is called freedom of space

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. A macromanager knows where to draw a line while an employee is handling a task; whereas a micromanager lacks this plain ability to understand the general idea of space.

Do you also keep poking your employees? Do you give them a scolding if they do not provide you a detailed explanation of a project? If yes, this would be considered micromanagement! And that can prove to be a setback later, as the continuous excessive involvement of a manager can go overboard and become a roadblock to organizational goals and development.

How is micromanagement affecting your company’s culture and making it unbearable for employees? These are a few areas it can impact:

Employee Dissatisfaction

When you’ve assigned a project to an employee, he promises to give it his 100%. And so he does, but your instincts keep telling you to have a check on his work from time to time. This annoys him, and the employee starts questioning his own ability, causing him dissatisfaction with his work.

Trust and accountability

When you, as a manager, keep a close eye on the smallest details of a project, employees perceive it as constant nagging. The employees get the impression that you don’t trust them and they lose the sense of accountability. They work on the project as per instructions and avoid incorporating their own ideas. What a shame that their skills and ideas go in vain!


As your employees begin to face micromanagement, they unknowingly drive themselves into a culture of no values. Since it becomes a little difficult for them to set their own goals due to the constant involvement of their manager, they eventually find themselves in a situation where they are doing nothing but following the herd.

Keeping a check on work progress is entirely different than hovering around your employees. Micromanagement is unhealthy for the organization, as it intimidates the employees. Don’t be that tough manager and make your employees’ lives difficult! Instead, be a coach and extend a hand of support to your staff.