5 Ways To Know Your Customer Better Through VOC

VOC-Know your customer better

When a customer is dissatisfied with the overall experience of purchasing a product or receiving services from an organization, the business is highly likely to suffer a huge amount of loss in the future. It is crucial for service providers or manufacturers to find out the customer experience using various ways, such as feedback through surveys, interviews, observations, etc.

VOC (Voice of the Customer) is an organized practice to figure out the customer needs and integrate it as an integral part of the system. The benefit of incorporating the VOC tool into the existing system is that every customer feels honored and special, which inevitably encourages them to do more business with you.

There are several ways to gather the voice of the customer:

  1. Surveys – An examination of a customer’s comprehensive buying experience using a set of questions will give a better understanding of customer needs.
  2. Interviews/Direct Interaction – Performing interviews with customers helps create a synergy with them, by creating a platform where they are asked a few questions regarding their experience with the company.
  3. Focus Groups – A focus group is a market research strategy where people (customers) are gathered to have an open discussion on a non-threatening issue, in this case your product. The positive ideas can be used as feedback and be implemented in future.
  4. Observation and Suggestion – A close inspection of a customer during the buying process will give insight about the factors that motivate a customer to buy the product or service. Customer feedback can prove to change and bring improvements within an organization.
  5. Complaints – A whole bunch of new opportunities can arise from the complaints made by customers in the past.

Word of mouth can make a difference and bring an impact; this is why the “Voice of the Customer” is vital to discern opportunities and avoid mistakes.