Global Sustainability: Learning How to Do It from the Best

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“Sustainable development is a dynamic process which enables people to realise their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the earth’s life support systems.”
-Forum for the Future

What is global sustainability? Global sustainability may be defined broadly or narrowly, but a useful definition is creating a balance of corporate success that supports that well-being of humankind and the environment. Although we differ in our idea of sustainability, indefinite human survival on a global scale requires certain basic support systems, which can be maintained only with a healthy environment and a stable human population. An understanding of global sustainability and the development of appropriate indicators of the status of basic support systems would provide a useful framework for policy making.

Are You Promoting Global Sustainability?

Because of the ambiguity, leaders and organizations don’t truly understand the importance of practicing global sustainability. They reach out for expertise and get 1,000 answers to one question. A book written by Mark Lefko titled Global Sustainability: 21 Leading CEOs Show How to Do Well by Doing Good is a guide that will bring some clarity to global sustainability from real experts that make it happen on a daily basis.

Mark Lefko has coached and mentored more than 100 CEOs and company presidents, bringing with him 35 years of real world C-level business experience. A thought leader in the fields of sustainability and leadership, Lefko serves on several advisory boards and is known for his high energy, insightful speaking engagements. As the founder and CEO of Lefko Group, one of the nation’s leading facilitation firms, he has led countless strategic planning retreats, corporate think tanks, roundtables and peer groups.

Understanding the Importance of Global Sustainability

People are only interested in sustainability if they are educated about it, and if its overall importance is effectively communicated. Human well-being and the well-being of society is part and parcel of what sustainability stands for. Ensuring that all human beings have access to basic resources, that their health is being protected, and that they enjoy a good quality of life within a sustainable environment is critical.

Business leaders and their organization have a responsibility to be a great steward and support global sustainability.