Careers: Why We Do What We Do

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When considering careers, have you ever wonder why we do what we do? What force out there gives us bankers, pilots, doctors, lawyers, business leaders and politicians? It has always been thought to ponder. You remember when you were little and had dreams about being a fireman or a pilot, only to end up after college managing a retail store. It is an amazing transformation. Few people dream of working in accounting or publishing. But, it seems there is a force that directs us to our careers.

Tony Robbins’ expertise in leadership psychology is what brought him to TED, where his spontaneous on-stage interaction with Al Gore created an unforgettable TED moment. It also perfectly demonstrated Robbins’ direct — even confrontational — approach, which calls on his listeners to look within themselves, and find the inner blocks that prevent them from finding fulfillment and success.

Make sure you watch this fascinating TED Talk: