Amazing Entrepreneurs: Why Kids Win Hands Down!

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Where can you find the most amazing entrepreneurs? Success swirls all around us, but that success is filled with enormous amounts of failure also. Some will tell you that any entrepreneur that fears failure will never be successful. The fact is, a successful entrepreneur will tell you that they failed multiple times trying to get things right. Before they tasted the sweet taste of success, they swallowed the sour juice of failure. It is though all part of the process of being an amazing entrepreneur. You really have to have the right set of skills and a strong mindset to succeed.

Amazing Entrepreneurs Are Playing in Their Rooms

The real secret to finding an amazing entrepreneur, all you have to look for is a child playing video games or hanging out on the playground with their friends. The fact is, when you combine curiosity and tech capability, you will find the perfect entrepreneur … and kids have an excess of both!

The fact is, kids have all the chops necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. When you combine their tech knowledge with their natural curiosity, then top it off with the time they spend with their parents at work, you have found the ideal proving ground! Kids at a very early age are tech savvy and have opportunities like attending tech and programming camps that simply enhance their digital skills.

We also know that kids possess a unique set of qualities that make them impervious to failure as entrepreneurs. Here are the five traits that make them uniquely qualified as entrepreneurs:

They Have No Fear – Kids have no fear of failure because they haven’t failed before. If something doesn’t work, they try again. They see failure as a way to do things differently.

Technology Experts – Kids are complete masters of technology and are truly plugged in across all of the platforms. They have a natural ability to master the necessary skills. When technology advances, they evolve right along with it.

Natural Curiosity – ‘What happens if?’ is their mantra. They ask, test and try. Over time, it doesn’t work, they try again in a different way.

Creativity Abounds – Blanket forts, couches that become ships, and tree houses are all parts of a kid’s imagination. Sometimes we look at what kids are doing and wonder how they came up with that. It is because of unbridled creativity. Unfortunately, as we grow up, most of us lose that singular blessing.

Minds Like Sponges – They love to learn and they soak it up as fast as they can take it in. Technology significantly enhances that. There was a time that if you wanted to learn something, you had to explore encyclopedias. Now, kids flip on their devices, google the topic and they are learning.

Reality of Amazing Entrepreneurs

The fact is, kids are doing great things as entrepreneurs. If you follow the ABC show Shark Tank, you get to see some of the little entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to life. The ‘Sharks’ are real investors that risk significant amounts of their own money on the entrepreneurs that come before them. Is there production value surrounding the show? You bet there is. Are their investment decisions directed by the producers? Absolutely not! They are legitimate investors putting their real money behind these kids and their business ideas.

There are lessons there to be learned by all of us.