Professional Development: I Am In Management, Not Sales

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How many time have you heard that statement in the workplace? Some managers and leaders have very strong feeling about keeping management and sales in separate silos. When it comes to professional development, they see the role of a manager or leader as the driving force in an organization who gets things done. Sales is seen by those same people as a ‘necessary evil’ in the organization, a department that is there to be tolerated. Sales is sometimes seen as not having a functional role in an organization and they are kept at arms length from the rest of the group. Sales reps are cowboys who set their own rules and do whatever they want, not in tune with the flow or culture of the organization. Is that the image the managers in your organization have of the sales department?

Sales Experience is Crucial to Professional Development

Most new leaders just hate the thought of working inside the sales department or even working with sales reps in their organization. They miss the crucial connections an effective sales department has with the operational success of the organization. The truth be told, the most strategic decision you could make in your career is to take on the challenge of being in a sales role and build on your professional development.

“Sales in business, at the end of the day is one of the key benchmarks for business success. It doesn’t matter if your business creates 1 job or a thousand, if it uses the shiniest new technology or if it has more apps than an android market, if your business isn’t generating sales your dead in the water. In an age where there’s a new wave of nonsensical metrics that business owners are bombarded with i.e. likes, fans, retweets, shares and engagement to name a few, none of these matter. The only things that matter are: Are you generating leads? Are you making sales?

~ John Mulry, Business Strategist~

The fact is, sales are the most important single operation in an organization. If you aren’t creating sales, then why do you need to manufacture your product or provide a service? It all begins with closing a sale, which starts the flow in the remainder of the organization. Sales generate revenue and revenue funds the organization.

But how does being in a sales role benefit my career? That is very simple. As a successful sales representative, you are able to create customers and generate revenue for your organization. Many successful business leaders have functioned in sales and sales leadership roles at some point in their career. Having experience in a sales role gives you a different perspective and understanding about your organization.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

As you progress in your career, you will surely have an opportunity to take on a sales role in your organization. Take on that opportunity! You will get a new perspective about your business and the organization. It will also help you develop crucial skills like negotiation, relationship building, mindset, focus and the importance of goals.

The bottom line is this. If you aren’t passionate about the product or service you represent or you cannot articulate to the customer why your organization is the best, then sales just isn’t really for you. But, actually, if you don’t have those qualities, then why do you think you are qualified to be a manager in your organization?