Mental Health: Entrepreneurs Must Take Care of Themselves

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We hear all the things entrepreneurs should do when it comes to being successful. Those tidbits of insight typically relate to the physical well-being. We know that successful entrepreneurs have solid habits that include getting enough sleep, exercising and maintaining a proper diet. These are proven factors. But what about your mental well-being? It is something that is just never spoken about. Mental health issues are a stigma in our society and a dirty little secret that is considered damaging to a professional career.

Mental Health Challenges for Entrepreneurs

A recent survey tells us that 30% of entrepreneurs reported a lifetime history of depression, 29% said they were dealing with ADHD, and 27% stated they suffered from anxiety. These numbers are staggering. They clearly make the case that entrepreneurs and professionals need to be mindful of not only their physical well-being, but also their mental well-being. Honestly evaluate how you are responding to situations. Are you moody, angry or irritated? Have you been less open to constructive criticism? Are you frequently changing your mind or struggling with making decisions? Are you struggling with developing or maintaining relationships? These little questions may be signs that there are issues that should be addressed. These challenges, when left untreated, can present significant challenges in a business environment and cloud your ability to make decisions.

Consider Your Mental Health

The important thing is to understand that you should take your mental well-being just as serious as your physical well-being. We know that before starting a new diet or exercise program, you should consult a physician. Be just as diligent with your mental well-being and consult with a mental health professional. Don’t try and self diagnose or compare yourself to others. Be sure you include habits to improve your mental health, just as you focus on your physical well-being.

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