Business Icon: Big Mac Creator Passes at 98

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There are a handful of businesses who have made a significant impact on American culture. Coca-Cola, Apple and many others have made their brand an embedded part of our culture. You cannot look at their product, logo or brand without knowing exactly who they are, how their product works or how it tastes. These products are not just American, but their presence is known on a global scale. Another iconic brand and product that’s permeated our culture is McDonald’s. When you hear the name, you know the product. If you see the ‘Golden Arches’, you know immediately what you can expect when you stop by. Today, America lost one of the greatest innovators of our culture. The creator of the Big Mac, Jim Delligatti, passed away at age 98.

Two All Beef Patties Business Icon

You know the jingle that starts off with “Two all beef patties.” Americans hear that catchy tune and they know immediately that it is about the Big Mac, and it is one of the top selling products at McDonald’s. Nearly 50 years ago, Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac sandwich for McDonald’s. Delligatti was a franchise operator in a suburb of Pittsburgh. He wanted to create a bigger burger to the line-up of what made McDonald’s a household name. The organization had been wildly successful before the Big Mac, with a simple menu of burgers, shakes and fries. Up to that point, the corporate philosophy was to keep their menu simple and the highest quality, with fast service for the consumer. Delligatti felt a bigger burger, which was unique to the fast food industry, would take the organization to the next level. He was absolutely correct. He started offering the Big Mac in his 47 franchise stores. The popularity boomed, and the Big Mac was featured across the organization in 1968. The subsequent marketing efforts of McDonald’s pushed the Big Mac into the solid base of Americana.

Respect The Innovator

The story of Jim Delligatti was that of a business icon, representing America and the power of innovation within the US. It is a standing lesson for every entrepreneur. Trust your instincts and encourage innovation at every level. From out of nowhere, your “Big Mac” will appear out of the suburbs of Hometown USA. Our deepest respect and sense of loss goes out to the family and friends of a true American innovator!

“two all-beef patties, special sauce,

lettuce, cheese, pickles,

onions, on a sesame seed bun”