Business Leadership: Improvement Through Meditation

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It is common knowledge that highly successful leaders place significant importance on finding balance in life. This doesn’t mean working just 6 hours a day, then lounging by the pool. They work 12-14 hours a day and generate an enormous amount of quality work product. With long work days, six or seven days a week, how does a business leader find the time to get balance in their lives?

Quality of Life in Business Leadership

Having a quality of life for business leadership is crucial to their higher success. It has been long understood that incorporating education, exercise and proper diet into a daily routine produces a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. One element that has been ignored over the years by most business leaders is the value of meditation. Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress, enhance focus and create a more positive, meaningful outlook. Meditation is not just for Hollywood trendsetters anymore! When incorporated into a daily habit, meditation can produce significant results for both mental and physical well-being. Business leadership that practices meditation on a daily basis tend to be more successful, effective and happier. Here are five facts that support meditation for effective business leadership:

  1. Improving Clarity – Studies show that meditation improves the ability to focus.
  2. Develops Better Resilience – Meditation builds a person’s resilience when dealing with stressful situations.
  3. Making Better Decisions – Meditating regularly over a long period of time increases the brain’s ability to process and make better decisions.
  4. Building Empathy – Regular meditation makes people more able to empathize with others.
  5. Creating Better Health – Healthy people are better for business leadership. It can reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and reduces stress.

Meditation Begins With a Decision

These 5 little tips are grounded in solid research. It is amazing that implementing such a simple habit can reap significant benefits for better business leadership. It is worth taking a short time every day and devote it to the practice of meditation. Highly successful business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff and Jeff Weiner practice meditation as a regular habit daily. What is preventing you from finding inner peace? Namaste!